Smart Fridges? How, What & Why?! Family Hub Fridge

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Smart Fridges? How, What & Why?! Family Hub Fridge

The American style fridge has long been an aspirational item. From the huge sub – zero style fridges of the 90’s (think Wall Street). It’s almost as iconic as the station wagon.

The latest version of this American classic come with all the advanced tech you would expect in a digital age. Can’t remember what you need to get for your weekly shop? Didn’t know you’re running out of milk? Your fridge will let you know. Left the door open? Ping! You’ll be notified. Need some recipe inspiration for dinner? Look one up!

Not only does the smart fridge know the ins and outs of your, well… fridge. It also acts as a notification centre for all your up-coming appointments – throw away your family planner/calendar!

At the moment only a handful of brands manufacture smart fridges. The leading (and most sophisticated) fridge coming from Samsung. Other manufacturers include LG & GE (under its Café brand) they each make smart refrigerators, but only a couple of models have connected features

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator really is the most packed with features. From its large display which allows you to clearly look at and plan your calendar – as well as leave notes, look for interesting recipes, watch TV, play music and much more.

Other smart fridges on the market offer more basic but no less impressive functions (advising you if the fridge door is left open/let you know you’re running low on ice). However, lets face it, if you’re going to go for a smart fridge – the smarter the better.

Some people will argue that not EVERY room in the house needs to connected to a ‘cloud’. However, we think electrical items such as the Samsung family hub smart fridge are not only stylish but incredibly practical. We live in a busy world and anything that can help us stay organised and eases our stress levels is what we would call a bonus!

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