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Is the Future of Smart TV Interactive?

By March 20, 2019 April 3rd, 2019 No Comments

Netflix has surpassed everybody’s expectations in recent years. From its surprise breakout shows such as Stranger Things, hilarious new comedies like Brooklyn 99 to its stunning suspense-filled one-offs such as Bird Box. It really seems like they have cornered the market when it comes to creating engaging, cinema-quality shows.

Perhaps one of the most surprising (and divisive) shows was Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch. Based on the interactive premise of a childhood book. Bandersnatch gave the viewer the opportunity to control the outcome of scenes within the show. With the viewer being able to control the outcome of the characters fate’s (allegedly). We were ‘brought in’ to the viewing experience.

For those of us old enough to remember the first wave of 3D film viewing – a far cry from today’s cinematic 3D experience. The sense of being somehow personally involved in the viewing is an appealing one. However, how far do we really want to take it? One of the best things about an evening of chilling in front of the latest Smart TV is being able to switch off. Our daily lives involve making so may decisions, there is something nice about being able to turn on, tune in and opt out (occasionally at least).

Smart TV’s now offer us a huge selection of entertainment. From viewing channels such as Netflix, Prime Video and NOW TV to the many, many home-made videos on YouTube we have the biggest selection of entertainment available at our fingertips – more than ever before. So why embrace the interactive? It may be a gimmick but Bandersnatch has highlighted the marmite like reaction to interactive entertainment. There are those of us who want to be more involved and others who simply would rather be told a good story.

So, which one are you? Regardless of your interactive preferences, one thing that can’t be denied is an across the board demand for HD and smart TV’s. Now that our telly’s have become more integrated we can decide exactly how techy we want to be.

The days of the 70/80’s viewing experience are long behind us. As consumers we are more discerning and it would seem more demanding – we even want to be part of the show we’re watching! It won’t be long before the number of interactive shows increases. However, with the amazing quality of the latest HD Smart TV’s on the market, as long as there’s still an option to kick back and go with the flow – we see no problem (whatever your own particular interactive preference).

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